SME Expansion and Globalisation

Significant changes that have occurred in the social, economic, and business setting in recent years have demonstrated that internalisation of companies in many sectors is absolutely necessary, both in acquisition and sale of goods.

Currently, even for quite some time, Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises have to face international movement of merchandise as one more aspect of their business reality since complexity and sophistication of the various existing alternatives regarding logistics operations have increased.

At Cargo Flores we offer an adapted, integrated, and multidisciplinary solution for all companies who need to work with third countries, acting as their sole intermediary for global coordination of international operations:

  • Import/ Export transportation / Cross trade.
  • Internal transportation in third countries.
  • Customs administration in third countries.
  • Transits, temporary import/export, etc.
  • Coordination of shippers and recipients in various sources and destinations.
  • Consulting for international shipment of merchandise (cost reduction, elimination or reduction of contingencies, etc.).

Cargo Flores offers logistical solutions to a wide variety of customers in all dimensions and sectors.

As fruit of our more than 25 years of experience, we are noteworthy as global logistics operators highly specialised in the specific aspects of global SMEs or groups of medium-sized companies: such companies that require services with a level of complexity and coordination equivalent to large corporations in some cases but that are also adapted and offer a global response to the requirements of medium-sized companies or groups of companies.